15 Activities You Can Do on a Rainy Day in Boracay

Planning to treat yourself to a much-needed vacation in Boracay? Don’t let the gloomy weather stop you! The beauty of Boracay shines even on a rainy day. You might be surprised to know that some tourists prefer to travel during the wet season. You get to enjoy a much serene ambiance of Boracay because of the fewer tourists. The discounted flights and cheaper hotel rates are also a plus.

Here are 15 activities worth a try to make the most out of your vacation in Boracay:

1. Feast on delicious foods

Boracay is teeming with restaurants that serve local and international cuisines. Choosing where to eat is an adventure itself. You can choose a restaurant that offers a fantastic view of the beach or experience some of the local dishes that you haven’t tried yet. Want a tip? Make sure to check out the fresh and mouth-watering seafood buffets.

2. Indulge yourself with a relaxing massage

Vacations are all about adventures and trying out new things, but it’s also for resting and taking a break. Book yourself a refreshing full body massage. We suggest you go for the traditional Filipino massage called hilot, although other options like Thai or Swedish massage are also available. You may also try body treatments, as well. If you’re booked at a resort, they probably offer these services. If not, finding a nearby spa won’t be hard.

3. Explore the underwater marine life

Don’t cancel all your plans just because it’s drizzling. If the sea is calm and it’s just a little rain, there is a high chance that water activities are still allowed. Just make sure to get a qualified diving instructor. For a unique experience, we suggest you try Boracay’s helmet diving. If you’re still reluctant to dive because of the weather, you may opt to rent a glass-bottom boat instead. Even though you can’t come close to the beautiful marine life, you can still enjoy the view through the boat’s see-through bottom.

4. Enjoy the fun water activities

If you enjoy thrilling activities, then visiting Boracay during the rainy season can be exciting for you. The big waves caused by the gloomy weather make the windsurfing and kitesurfing more exhilarating. Be careful, though. Make sure to wear all the proper safety gear and listen carefully to the operators. Most of the time, operators will teach you hand signals to let them know if you need help.

5. Swim around the beach and enjoy the view

You’re going to get wet anyway, so go ahead and enjoy the beach. Boracay can be a little too crowded during the summer, but during this lean season, you can spend some quiet time taking in the view. Don’t forget to catch the sunset.

6. Discover Boracay’s nightlife

You can easily find a pub or bar in Boracay. Just take a stroll along the beach and decide where you prefer to hang out. If you’re in the mood to chill, just grab a drink and immerse yourself into the lively nightlife along the beach. You can also find bars where you can party and meet some new people. Conquer the dance floor and bop along the groovy music.

7. Watch the fire dancers perform

Most bars and hotels hire fire dancers to do a show every night. Having the beach as their backdrop makes their performance more mesmerizing. After their performance, you can have your photo taken with them. Quick tip! Visit the hair braiding stations along the shore and have your hair braided. We’re sure you’ll look stunning in your photos with your new hairstyle.

8. Learn how to use a gun in the shooting range

If you really want to stay indoors, you can still experience a heart-pounding adventure in Boracay’s shooting range. Range officers will teach you the proper way of using a gun and will guide you all throughout the session.

9. Stay fit and exercise

Most hotels are equipped with gym equipment to meet your training needs. If you want to try something new, try visiting other fitness centers that offer training classes for boxing, muay thai, and jiu-jitsu.

10. Shop for souvenirs

Visit some of the shopping complexes and buy some souvenirs for your loved ones. You can also stop by for some food and drinks to refresh. If you want cheaper options, you can stroll around the beach and check out the local vendors. While looking for souvenirs, you’ll meet a few henna tattoo artists on the way. We suggest you try and get one. Don’t worry, the tattoo wears out after two to three weeks.

11. Stroll under the Oceanarium’s ocean walk

If the diving activities are canceled due to heavy rain, there’s still a way to explore marine life. Visit the Oceanarium located at Crown Regency Resorts and Convention Center and try out their activities – Aquarium Scuba Dive, Aquarium Oceanarium Walk, and Tunnel Walk with Marine Show. Make sure to check out the Pearl of the Kind, which is the largest pearl harvested from Giant Clam Tridacna.

12. Drive an ATV in the northern coast of the island

If the rain is not too heavy, you can go on a rough road adventure on the ATV. Just keep in mind that the track will be a bit more challenging because of the mud. Don’t worry, your guide will lead you through the entire trip. The journey includes a stop at a private cove where you can swim to refresh yourself. After the tour, you can buy an album filled with photos of your ATV trip.

13. Take pictures at the Happy Dreamland’s Trick Art Museum

The Trick Art Museum houses hundreds of 3D optical illusion paintings. You’ll even get the chance to be punched by Manny Pacquiao. No worries, it’s just a trick. Be sure to get creative with your poses!

14. Take a dip in the swimming pool

Most hotels in Boracay have swimming pools. Take a break from the beach and swim in your hotel’s pool. If you don’t feel like swimming, you can relax in the lounge chairs instead. You won’t have to worry about crowds because only hotel guests have access to the pool. Order some drinks by the pool for a more relaxing vibe.

15. Relax in your hotel room

After trying out the activities that we have listed, give yourself a break. Go ahead and order room service. Watch a movie wearing your plush robe, all while enjoying the comfort of your bed. Take a hot and refreshing shower. Sip some coffee while enjoying the view from your room. Sit back and enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

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