Which Station in Boracay is the Best to Stay in?

The paradises of Boracay is the perfect get-away island to relax and unwind. The place offers a wide choice of activities that you can do under the sun. Even after late hours, you have the nightlife and restaurants to explore. During the morning, the shores are relatively peaceful and quiet. But when the sun sets, which is around 6 pm, the beach gets busy with a lot of people taking pictures and watching the waves. The fun doesn’t stop at 10 pm, though, where most clubs and bars get packed with tourists and locals who want to party.

Truly, Boracay has a lot to offer, especially since the island is divided into 3 stations; station 1, station 2, and station 3. There isn’t a visible separation to mark the divide in the parts of the island. But, they have considered boat stations back in the days where tourists can ride boats from the mainland.

With all the places you can go and things you can experience, it’s almost hard to decide where to head! Luckily, this guide will help you get the most out of your Boracay vacation. We’ll give you a sneak peek on what kind of fun each station can offer you. By the end of this article, we’ll let you decide which station in Boracay is best suited for your ideal type of holiday.

Boracay’s Station 1: Pamper yourself!

If you’re looking for some quiet time on the beach and a grand hotel to stay in, station 1 is for you! Compared to other stations, this part of Boracay offers five-star hotels, luxurious resorts, and extravagant villas! These accommodations may be pricey, but they will surely deliver in providing you maximum comfort and peace during your stay. There are usually fewer people in the wide shores of this station. Without a walking path, the shores have more space to sunbathe and play recreational games with your friends and family.

In this station, you can also find Willy’s Rock, which is a famous landmark in Boracay. Willy’s Rock is a rock formation with a manmade staircase that leads up to the statue of the Virgin Mary. This popular spot is a must-see for devoted Catholics and tourists who love to take photographs of scenic views.

If hunger strikes, there are several restaurants on the side of the beach. Most of them offers affordable local dishes that can introduce you to the Filipino taste! This station is also a perfect place to watch the sailing boats during the sunset. When the evening comes, you can also find numerous party places and clubs that is only a walking distance from the beach. It’s not hard to find a good time in this station especially because the drinks are affordable too!

Tourists’ Top Picks in Station 1:

Where to stay: Hampstead Botique Hotel, Estacio Uno, and Sea Wind Resort

Where to explore: Diniwid Beach, Puka Beach, Willy’s Rock

Boracay’s Station 2: The Center of Fun

If you’re the kind of tourist who likes the company of others, then head on over to Station 2 in Boracay! Although known as the most crowded part in the island, this place can give you great company as you watch the breathtaking view of the beach. This social atmosphere is perfect for those who want to

experience the buzz of nightlife from bars and clubs. Apart from serving delicious and affordable food, most food hubs here have live music to make enhance your dining.

Compared to station 1, this part of Boracay has resorts and hotels that would hurt your pocket less while giving you high-quality accommodation. However, during holidays and peak season, it may be difficult to find a good place here. That’s why it is recommended that you book in advance if you want to stay here. Station 2 is center of the White Beach, and most people like swimming in the shallow waters of the island.

However, if you’re tired of plunging in the waters, you can stroll around in D’Mall for a bit of shopping! This open-air mall is known as the biggest shopping area in Boracay with a street market vibe. You can stroll around this place while you look at the different snack stops, souvenir shops, and convenience stores. More than that, you can even find a local market where stalls sell a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Further into the street, you will also find D’Talipapa, which is a seafood market. This market is truly a tourist attraction because apart from getting to purchase fresh seafood, you can bring your purchase to a restaurant for them to cook. There are several restos inside the D’Talipapa which specialize in seafood preparation to make your ordinary dish a delectable experience!

Tourist’s Top Picks in Station 2:

Where to stay: Boracay Heaven Resort, Seabird International Resort, Pinjalo Resort

Where to explore: D’Mall, Bulabog Beach, Plato D’Boracay, D’Talipapa, Blue Jade Cafe

Boracacy’s Station 3: Beach Paradise on a Budget

If you’re not a fan of busy and social crowds, Station 3 is the ideal place for a relaxing stay. As the farthest station from station 1, this spot offers a quiet place that is surrounded by the tranquility of nature. Without so many people, you can enjoy the spacious shores and waters. In this part of Boracay Islands, you can also vibe with the local atmosphere. Along the beach, you will find numerous street vendors and Filipino restaurants that are extremely appetizing and affordable.

You can still find a few bars and clubs that are active in the night, but not as much as those in stations 1 and 2. This spot in Boracay is dedicated for those lovers of nature and scenic views. The resorts and accommodations are also budget-friendly, making it the best choice for backpackers. You can even choose to stay in bamboo huts if you want a unique experience during your stay. Just remember to stay safe, since the waters here can get deep very quick.

Tourist’s Top Picks in Station 3:

Where to stay: Casa Pilar Huts, Anahaw Studio Suites,

Where to explore: Boracay Huts, Blue Coral Resorts

Which is the Best?

All of the three stations offer different types of accommodation and activities. Before deciding which to pick, take note of your budget and the kind of atmosphere you want to be in. If you’re prepared to spend more for high-quality stay, then station 1 is for you. If you’re the kind to be a social butterfly who

want to explore stores and clubs, then head on to station 2. But, if you just want a relaxing vacation close to nature without spending a fortune, then choose station 3.

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