Boracay Girls : Top 7 Female Nationalities

Boracay beach is a popular vacation spot in the Philippines because of its majestic white sand and breathtaking blue waters. This tourist attraction prides itself on providing people with the perfect get-away with its luxurious resorts and exciting water activities. Apart from relaxing on the beach and bathing under the sun, there’s also a nightlife that buzzes with drinks, food, and music.

Indeed, the fun never ends in Boracay! But of course, you won’t be experiencing the thrill of the beach all by yourself. In fact, you can expect to be surrounded by wonderful girls from different countries. Here are top nationalities that you may find strolling along the shores of Boracay.

Chinese Girls

Chinese girls are considered as the top tourists in the islands of Boracay. In fact, China became the biggest market in Boracay in the year 2019. These people are mostly drawn to the wide range of party hubs and food places that this vacation spot offers. Don’t be intimidated by approaching these gorgeous ladies and sharing a wonderful experience with them on the beaches!

Korean Girls

Koreans are second to China as the top nationalities that visit Boracay. Several Korean celebrities have spent their summer vacations on the beaches of Boracay with their families and friends. In other instances, the beach has also been the venue for most of their photoshoots for Korean brands. One of the female Korean celebrities that has enjoyed Boracay is Yuri. She is a beloved K-pop idol and a global sensation from the famous girl group, Girls Generation.

Taiwanese Girls

Taiwanese women are also some of the familiar faces that you will see strolling in the captivating shores. Since they rank third in the top Boracay tourists, they surely enjoy the views and the company found in the island. Plus, these girls don’t want to miss out on exciting activities like beach hopping, water sports, and sunset watching.

Western Girls

When it gets chilly in western countries due to the high season, western girls head to the tropical countries for some sun. During the day, Western girls like to sunbathe and get a good tan. The paradise of Boracay and the electric nightlife is also irresistible for these girls. Several western celebrities have also chosen this beach to take a break from the hustle of Hollywood.

Russian Girls

Russian girls also find the tropical islands of Boracay to be irresistible. Most of them visit the breathtaking beaches between October and February when the climate in their country is quite chilly. They fly all the way to Boracay to experience the hot weather and the warm smiles of the Filipino people.

Singaporean Girls

Women from Singapore love to get comfy in the fine sands of Boracay while enjoying the warm weather. Over the years, more and more Singaporeans have been flocking to Boracay. Most Singaporean girls love to experience a relaxing dip in the island’s cool waters during the day while exploring the party houses and bars at night.

Filipino Girls

Last, but definitely not the least, you will surely meet the beautiful women of the Philippines. Filipinas are known to have warm, cheerful, and loving personalities. This makes it easy to strike up a conversation with them and befriend them.

You will surely find several Filipina celebrities there, too, especially because Boracay is a go-to vacation place for local stars as well. But they don’t only go there to have fun, some celebrities also choose Boracay as the venue for their weddings. On other occasions, this beach is also the primary location for photoshoots and movie scenes.

Some local Filipina celebrities that have been to Boracay are Heart Evangelista, Kathryn Bernardo, and Coleen Garcia. This beach isn’t only a sight to behold, it’s also star-studded!

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