Parasailing in Boracay

Every once in a while, you need to do things outside of your comfort zone and experience new things. Push yourself. Dare yourself and be wild!

If you’re in Boracay one perfect activity for this is Parasailing. 

Why not ride a Parasail and experience the thrill and excitement?

It is safe, exciting, but calming once you’re up high in the sky. No wonder it becomes the favorite for many tourists.

If you are planning to go Parasailing then this article might help you know more about Parasailing in Boracay.

But before we go further, let’s first learn more about Parasailing.

What is Parasailing?

Parasailing is a popular water activity that involves a speedboat pulling a parasail (Parasail Wing) that looks like a parachute while one to three people are attached to the Parasail Wing on a seating position.

Check out this video to see Parasailing: 

Now you have an idea of how exciting it is or frightening depends on how you look at it, but you might want to know how high Parasailing goes in Boracay? 

How high do parasails go Boracay

The highest it can go is about 500 vertical feet. It might not sound so high, but once you’re up there, it will feel as if its 30 stories high.

Everything gets so small, and you can view the whole stretch of Boracay island.

It’s also surprisingly peaceful and quiet up there that you can’t even hear the noise from the speedboat. 

My tip is to schedule your Parasailing around late afternoon from 5 pm to 6 pm so you can also witness the breathtaking sunset of Boracay while Parasailing.

How much is Parasailing in Boracay

The cost of Parasailing in Boracay varies depending on where you booked your tour. 

It costs us around 2000 Php or 40 USD for two people at the time of this writing.

But you can get it for as low as 800 Php or 16 USD per person if you’ll ask tour vendors roaming around Boracay. 

There are plenty of vendors and independent parasailing crews in Boracay, and you can even bargain with them for a lower price if you’ll just ask nicely.

Minimum age

The minimum age allowed to parasail in Boracay is typically ten years and above. So if you are planning to bring your little one on Parasailing, you are out of luck. 

How many people can parasail at the same time

Parasailing in Boracay can accommodate two to three people at the same time.  

So if you are too scared to try it alone, you can bring along one or two of your friends or relatives to share the ride and experience the thrill with you. Besides, It’s a lot more fun to go up there together with someone close to you. 

You can bring a selfie stick and take pictures of your companion’s frightened face, which is the fun part!  

Although some restrictions may apply depending on the weight of passengers and the weather, ultimately, it’s the crew’s decision.


My girlfriend and I were expecting an adrenaline rush kind of ride, but instead, it was incredibly peaceful and calming. We felt we were floating through the air as our legs left dangling while we sat on our harnesses. 

The views were spectacular, and you can see the entire 7km stretch of White Beach in Boracay. 

Overall, Parasailing in Boracay is a safe, incredibly fun and a must-have on your to-do list when visiting Boracay.


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